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Responsive One Step Checkout. Prestashop optimization module E-commerces

Do you know how many customers do you lose during the harsh process they have to follow until the final payment? From Casals Online, today we present you the One Step Checkout Responsive Module of Prestashop that will help you turn the process of selling of your online store into something pleasant for your customers, while increasing the conversions of your e-commerce.

Why change to One Step Checkout?

The main disadvantage of the still common way of payment in 5 steps is that in each step, the user must reload the page again and multiply the clicks that he has to do to finish the process. With this method, we are complicating the payment process for our client, and it seems as if, at each step, before jumping to the next, the same vendor would make the user to rethink about the purchase. That is why many sales are lost with this mode. We must look, then, for a way to simplify the process to get the best experience for the user.

Many claim that the payment mode in 5 steps is very nice visually and gives security to the user by knowing in which step he is. However, this can also be achieved on a single page with a much more simplified One Step payment process.

One Page Checkout module by Prestashop

The One Step Checkout module is an essential module that simplifies the payment process and makes buying products in your store much easier and faster. The module helps solve the main problem of an e-commerce: low conversion rates, that is, few of your visits end up buying the product.

With this module you will be able to simplify the process of sale and payment, and move from the typical mode of payment in five steps to a single page. This module allows that when the client decides to pay, he only has to go through a single page to carry out the transaction of the order. Prestashop by default has a payment gateway managed in 5 steps, therefore, the user has to go through 5 different pages to finish processing the order. In this way, our customers will no longer have to go through a heavy registration forms or excessive steps to complete the sale. Buying online on your website will become an easy and simple process, which will save your customers’ time.

This module of Prestashop is totally responsive, so that we will obtain a perfect visualization of the page in different devices: from desktops to tablets and mobile phones. Therefore, with the same module you will also have one of the most important aspects covered: have a good shopping experience in mobile formats.
In addition, the page is 100% customizable, so it can be adapted to the business model of the company: you can add or remove the purchase or information record fields.

From Casals Online, as an marketing online agency, one of our main objectives is to optimize your e-commerce. The installation of modules like this one is simple, the complicated thing is to be up to date with all the updates and new modules keep appearing. If you have a consolidated e-commerce or if you have a project like that in mind, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we will be more than pleased to talk to you!

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