CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

The conversion rate or CRO is one of the most important factors for any online store. If you’re looking to increase the number of sales without leaving home, we’ll help you achieve your objectives. Usability, design and user experience or micro-conversions are some of the most important aspects to take into consideration if we want to boost an online company’s CRO.


To improve your e-commerce’s conversion rate, the following steps must be implemented:

  • Conduct a CRO audit to determine, based on the KPIs defined previously, which phases of the customer journey need to be streamlined.

  • Analyse the Website Usability (UI) and User Experience (UX) using tools such as heat maps and visual analytics tools.

  • Redesign and incorporate new marketing strategies based on the practical improvements of each sector, focusing efforts on micro-conversions.

  • Establish an A/B testing period to determine which tactics are most effective.

  • Establish new, valid KPIs to measure the improvements implemented.

  • Assess the results and redefine new marketing objectives based on the findings.


Improving conversions for an online store is a short-term job, but through our service, excellent, long-lasting results can be attained. The benefits of conversion optimisation are as follows:

  • Localise the main problems in your e-commerce’s conversion funnel.

  • Understand the reasons why these problems appear.

  • Improve the customer journey and therefore the website usability and user experience.

  • MImprove current marketing tactics.

  • Make hypotheses and measure results to obtain conclusions.

  • Review new improvements that increase conversion optimisation.

  • Improve your e-commerce sales.


To perform a conversion audit and obtain all information necessary to improve your online store’s results, please contact us. We’ll be delighted to help you discover your e-commerce’s customer journey.