SEO kw study

Through the SEO keywords study, we can determine the volume, competition level and difficulty level of the words in Google. Conducting this study is vital when beginning an SEO project and for understanding the potential traffic your online project generates. This study is essential for positioning your website, because it allows us to determine the best SEO strategy to implement for your business.

  • Set up a meeting to understand your business sector, and the most differentiated services and/or products.

  • Analysing traffic potential through search terms for your sector and identify new trends via professional SEO tools.

  • Analyse the competition (Benchmark Study) and the search terms they are using via professional SEO tools.

  • Determine the keywords, both “mainstream and long-tail”, to establish some bases for developing an effective medium- and long-term SEO strategy.

  • Identify online market trends and opportunities.

  • Identify the most relevant words for your online project.

  • Understand your project’s real online potential and the traffic volumes you can generate compared to your competitors.

  • Establish the foundations to create profitable SEO strategy, being able to internally optimise your online project – On-page SEO.


If you want to starting designing your SEO positioning strategy, Casals Online can help guide you from the outset. Contact us, and we’ll carry out an SEO keywords study tailored to your business.