Local SEO

The SEO Local service is essential for physical businesses wishing to have an online presence. Local markets are back in fashion and we have to understand the importance of tools such as Google Maps and mobile device geolocation for businesses of this kind.


Google guidelines are our modus operandi. To positively and effectively influence the search engine results in relation to Google Maps, we can do so using the following parameters.

  • Optimisation of the online project’s home page and optimisation of the contact form.

  • Work consistently and systematically with the following business details: address, telephone number and email.

  • Inclusion of the business in local directories to influence local recognition of the business in question for Google and Google Maps.

  • Social media optimisation of the business, in particular the Google services.

  • Collaboration with other external websites and digital platforms to build relations and synergies and to improve participation on your website, generating local links with high domain authority.

  • Creation of reviews and opinions on the company’s profile in Google to positively influence the Local SEO of your physical business.

  • Publish articles on the customer’s blog to generate signals for the search engine.

  • Optimise the results in Google search engines and help potential customers to find the company’s location on the Google map, easy accessibility.

  • Gain market share and visibility in search engines as the Google Maps results are increasingly visible.

  • Occupy another place in the Google feed and increase the chances that users visit the website.

  • Strengthen traffic to the website and consequently sales and revenue.


A suitable SEO positioning of the website on Google Maps might be crucial for capturing potential customers such as tourists or travellers who may need a company’s services during their stay, at a specific time. If you think we’re your agency then contact us today and together we can start designing your Local SEO strategy.