An SEO audit is a detailed report on your online project’s current situation, to understand how Google reads and interprets your page. If your aim is to improve search engine optimisation, you want more traffic and better results, an SEO audit is the key to well-structured success.

To conduct a good SEO audit, we use our own methodology based on our back office, to create a comprehensive SEO audit report, analysing technical programming aspects and functional marketing aspects.

In all audits, we use the best professional tools on the market and our experience to produce a complete and intuitive report, avoiding technicalities for webmasters.

  • We analyse the competition to determine which key words should be optimised, and undertake a benchmark study to implement your sector’s best practices.

  • We create a campaign in our professional SEO tool for your project and establish constant monitoring therefor.

  • We perform an Express Diagnosis to assess the main parameters and determine the project’s severity status and the tasks to carry out.

  • We analysis your project’s structural quality and active programming elements for its specific optimisation in line with modern web standards.

  • We study the quality of the web content and style sheet used for its specific viewing on all modern devices and its proper SEO.

  • We analyse the quality of the internal SEO tags at structure, text content, images and videos level for its proper search engine indexing.

  • We analyse usability and confidence-building aspects for the final user.

  • We analyse the loading speed and responsive adaptability.

  • We analyse the quality of the Search Console parameters for proper indexing of the improvements made.

  • Optimise the investment made in your online project.

  • Create a useful, user-friendly and practical guide.

  • Shine light on the queries the more technical SEO may give rise to.

  • Identify areas for improvement for optimal Google SEO.

  • Create a solid base and structure for your web project in search engines.

  • Increase the organic visits to your online project and increase traffic.

  • Increase conversion as we’ve also analysed User Experience issues, confidence elements, conversion rates and online buying processes.


The SEO audit allows your webpage’s status to be known, and its analysis from Google’s perspective. Our agency offers its know-how and tools to improve your positioning, increase traffic and obtain better results. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today and we’ll join you on the journey to establish a solid online base.