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SEO Images (ALT Tags). Prestashop optimization module E-commerces

Did you know that the images on your website can help you improve the SEO positioning of your e-commerce? Today, in this post of Casals Online, we point out the importance of SEO positioning in the images of your online shop and how can you optimize them with the SEO images module of Prestashop.

The SEO of the images of your web page is an essential element not only to guarantee the visibility of the e-commerce in the search engines, but also to improve the accessibility and usability of your e-commerce as a whole.

Usually, one relates SEO positioning only to written content. This is, however, also important in other media: videos are positioned on YouTube, profiles on LinkedIn, profiles on social networks … All in all, everything that can appear on a search engine has potential to have SEO. Therefore, even the images of the web pages also have an SEO positioning.
The SEO Images module (Alt Tag) from Prestashop helps you to position your images correctly, and uses the called ALT tags. But, what do we mean by ALT tags? Is it really important to take care of the SEO positioning of our images? In today’s post, we will delve into the importance of SEO positioning in images.

ALT label and its importance in SEO positioning

ALT tags are the representation of an image in the form of text and allow to associate one or more keywords and expressions to an image.
The ALT attribute contains esential information for browsers and, if we make a good optimization of our website’s images, we can improve the SEO of an article or a web page.
In addition to the importance for SEO positioning, it also helps to increase the accessibility and usability of the web, especially in the case of people with vision problems, because although they can not see the images, they can know what type of image is through listening to the description in the form of audio.
It also has special importance when a person is using a specific type of browser in which the presentation of images is disabled or for some reason they are not loaded or displayed well.
When defining the Alt attribute, our advice is:
In the main image you should specify the keyword of the article. For the following images, we must use keywords that can be searched by users, taking into account that they always have to be related to the context around them.

SEO Image Module (ALT Labels) by Prestashop

The main advantages of the SEO images module are to improve your position in browsers’ results, multiply sales thanks to better visibility of your product pages and increase your conversion rate with quality traffic. With this, you can differentiate yourself from your competition thanks to the good SEO of your images.
With the SEO Images module of Prestashop, you can generate automatically customized content for the ALT labels of your images, and allows you to have clean and unique labels for each product image.
In addition, it also offers the option to choose the model or rewrite models from a list of proposals (product name, category name, etc.), create rules by language for all the languages of the store and create specific rules for one or more categories.
Thanks to this module, your customers will find your store more easily thanks to an optimal positioning, which will help you build customers’ loyalty. And, in the case of technical problems when showing the images (slowness or browser error), your customers will have access to the content of your tag. In addition, clients with visual impairments will have an oral indication of the content of the image.

At Casals Online, the digital marketing agency in Barcelona, we are experts in the e-commerce sector and we can help you add extra value to your online business with the installation of this and other modules in your Prestashop. Contact us, we will be more than pleased to help you!

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