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Cross Selling on Cart. Prestashop optimization module E-commerces

Do you want to encourage your customers to buy complementary products and thus increase your average shoppingcart? All this is possible thanks to Cross Selling, a technique that is increasingly being used in online marketing. Today from Casals Online we present you the Cross Selling on Cart Module of Prestashop so you can learn more about this great method that can help you increase your income per sale.

What is cross selling?

Cross selling consists on offering the customer who is making a purchase in our store, complementary products or services for it. The technique does not consist in “placing” the maximum amount of our products to the clients, but to offer additional products that are really complementary to their purchase so as to add an extra value for the buyer.
We can find examples of cross selling from multinational companies to SMEs, as well as from physical points of sale and e-commerces. A clear example is Mcdonalds with his “Would you like fries with that? “ If you look at Mcdonalds, they always offer us complementary products when buying a menu or a hamburger.
As you see, this method is not new, and it is already being used by many large companies. Increasingly, online stores, both large and small, are adding modules to include Cross Selling in their e-commerces.

Importance for SEO

In online stores, cross selling, apart from helping you increase your sales, the online technique also presents a key advantage: it presents an important role for SEO positioning. To have a good SEO positioning it is necessary to carry out a good internal structure of links (an internal linking strategy). This practice consists in linking each page of an e-commerce with internal links to other pages and in this way you can link all the products so that the robots of the search engines can find them easily. Ideally, each product page should contain about 10 internal links. So thanks to cross selling and a good internal structure of links, you can also improve your positioning in Google.

Advantages of Cross Selling on Cart Module from Prestashop

Sales increase:
With this module you can encourage your customers to buy additional products to those in their basket, thus increasing the average shoppingcart per consumer.
Customer loyalty:
Cross Selling On Cart acts as a real virtual advisor and allows your customers to take advantage of relevant recommendations, allowing them to be accompanied in their purchase intent.
Greater knowledge of the client:
The more a customer buys from us, the greater the relationship we have with him, and the more he will increase his confidence in us. This will allow us to acquire more information about your tastes and needs, with which we can offer them better products, what one can call a win-win strategy.
100% customizable:
The module allows you to define combinations of products in order to suggest them to your customers once they are about to order one of them. From this product combination, you can precisely conduct your customers by avoiding the risk to propose bad suggestions.
Besides, prestashop allows you to make an unlimited number of suggestions per product and choose the size of the image to be displayed.
Further more, complementary products can be added directly from the order process page, and prevent cart abandonment rate.
The module is 100% responsive, so it will work both for computers and other mobile devices (mobile, tablet …).

Our digital marketing agency, Casals Online, is at the frontline in terms of tools and modules for e-commerces. Thanks to our experience and updated information internationally, we can help you get the most out of your online store.
If you are thinking about adding this module or a similar project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than pleased to help you!

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