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News from Google Ads (Febrero)

Last week we were talking about some of the top Google Ads news. In this post we are going to tell you about other updates from Google which will come to you in handy. We will also explain why we think they are interesting and how you can get the most out of your campaigns.

1. Videos in sequence

If we talk about youtube campaigns, now you can create video sequences. This means you can create a sequence of several videos telling a story over a period of time. To create these videos in sequence, you must setup the following. First you need to create the sequence (in streaming or bumper format) that we want to show. Then, the system will create a group for each video. We must highlight that this functionality is in Beta so in some accounts it may not be available yet.

2. Bid for CPA on video campaigns: Trueview for action

Continuing with improvements at the level of Youtube campaigns and especially when we talk about trueview for action (video campaigns that interrupt the viewing of other videos). These are recommended for remarketing. In this case, the novelty is that from now on, you can bid by CPA instead of CPV. This means that we can optimize the campaign based on conversions and we can establish a cost per conversion. To take advantage of this functionality, we must bear in mind that it only works for streaming videos of at least 11 seconds.

If you have a campaign in CPV, we recommend you continue with it and create another one in CPA. From here, we recommend going down the CPV bid and compensating through the CPA campaign. This will allow us to be more flexible in case one of the two campaigns fails to meet our marketing objectives.
We also recommend that you do not adjust the CPA much. The ideal is to put a CPA up to 4 times more than the CPA of the average of the account. We must be in surveillance mode to closely monitor the evolution of the new campaign, and in case we see that we are paying too much to progressively lower the cost per conversion established.

News Google Ads: video

3. Gmail with catalog and video images

Gmail ads campaigns are very powerful because they allow us to address our audience in a very direct and personalized way. Now Gmail campaigns offer us the possibility to add videos and catalog images to our campaigns.
This gives us new opportunities to persuade, better reach our target audience and therefore optimize the CTR of our campaigns.

Finally, we must also bear in mind that Gmail offers us new forms of segmentation such as: users who have just moved or who have recently created a company. Without a doubt, something to keep in mind because it can help us in very specific campaigns.

4. New metrics: ad quality and improvements

As we already know, there is a type of ads called adaptive ads.
Now Google presents us with new metrics, but in this case, only for adaptive beta search ads. These new metrics are found in “attributes” and they help us to see what quality our ads have and the improvements we can make to optimize them. Keep in mind that these developments are often in Beta, and therefore, are likely to suffer some changes. From Casals Online we recommend to be attentive to new changes in order to get the most out of these new tools.

5. New average position metrics

These new metrics show us the position of the page on which our ads will be displayed (lower or higher). We know that not all of them will be very useful to us, but without a doubt, we must pay attention to some others. The new metrics are the following:

– Average position (absolute top).
– Impression quota of the absolute top part of the search.
– Lost impressions quota of the absolute top of the search (ranking).
– Lost impressions quota of the absolute top part of the search (budget).
– Percentage of impressions from the top.
– Lost impressions quota of the top part of the search.
– Lost impressions quota of the top part of the search.

6. Google evaluates us

Now Google suggests possible improvements for the campaigns we created. This is important because it is evaluating us (and puncturing) constantly. These evaluations are based on more than 40 actions from which a score is drawn. These scores are useful for Google to position our account in the rankings that it brings out on a regular basis. And most importantly, if we have accounts linked with negative ratings by Google, it will probably have a negative impact on our SEO.

We should know that these suggestions for improvements can be found in the recommendations panel, although currently they are only available for the search network. We know that it will not take long for them to also be available on the Display, Shopping and video network.

Google Ads: Campaign improvements

We hope that these new Google Ads will help you create better campaigns to achieve your goals. If you are interested in knowing much more about ecommerce and digital marketing you can follow us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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