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Posicionamiento orgánico para amazon
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Key factors of SEO in Amazon

Amazon is the marketplace par excellence. With sales worth more than 27,000 million dollars during 2018, thousands of brands and 45 million searches per day, Amazon has become the best shopping platform for users. Once again, we have to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and from our agency, we want to give you an easy and quick guide to improve the organic positioning of your ecommerce on Amazon.

Most important SEO Factors in Amazon

Reasons to SEO in Amazon

The growth of the giant is irrefutable, and that is that Amazon is selling half of all the products sold in the world. This is enough reason to have a presence in the famous marketplace. In addition, 90% of users search for the product on Amazon before making a purchase. What else do we need to upload our entire catalog to Amazon?

But the reality is that not everything is so beautiful. It’s ok, a place with millions of users willing to buy, but also with thousands of brands and products. Therefore, what should we do to be the one who sells the most in Amazon? If we want to succeed on the platform we must bear in mind that Amazon has its own rules. In this post we will explain how to optimize for the engine searches in Amazon and stand out from our competitors.

As we discussed, Amazon has its own algorithm and therefore its own ranking factors that will allow us to be in the top positions of the search engine. We must also bear in mind that Amazon handles a very valuable and reliable amount of information. The data that the giant has is data related to the purchase of users, which turn them into gold. We start:


Factors that influence Amazon’s organic ranking

Let’s start by mentioning some of the key points to work our organic positioning in Amazon. As in Google, there is a relevance in the results of your search engine, but with some differences. Some of the factors that influence this relevance are:

  • Sales: The more a product is sold, the more likely it is to appear in the top positions.
  • Categorization: When we upload a product to Amazon we need to indicate a category. This point is important, because being in the right category or can not allows us to be visible or not.
  • Fullfillment: This refers to everything that is related to the sale, in the sense of whether or not it is sold and sent by Amazon. Or for example if it is part of the Prime program, if it is sold by a third party, if it is stored by Amazon or not, etc. If we apply a little common sense, we understand that those products that are sold by Amazon and that are part of its Prime program will position much better.
  • Keywords: In this case, the search for keywords will be useful for our sheet.
  • Discounts: Applying discounts to our products can help, even though it is not a very important factor.

Organic ranking factors in Amazon

As we have said there are many aspects to consider. But what factors have more weight? In the following list, we can see those aspects to be taken into account ordered from most to least important:

  • Number of reviews (and sales)
  • Prime
  • Choice (Price, opinions or availability)
  • Long description
  • Short description
  • Average score of the product
  • Details
  • Number of images (and their quality)

But beware, depending on the type of product you can change the order and weight of these factors. For example, if we sell furniture, it may be better to upload a larger number of images or that they have more weight to position ourselves organically.

Amazon’s Penalty factors

We must also consider those factors that penalize. The most important are:

  • The products are NOT sold by Amazon
  • The products we sell are NOT Prime

It is logical that the rules with which the platform works benefit their business model. Therefore, we must consider these two factors when we want to sell our products on Amazon. Finally, we must say that in the case that we do not meet point 1, if we are Prime we will less penalized.

Seo on Page in Amazon

It is clear that Amazon SEO is a key factor, but how can we do SEO on page on Amazon ?. The first point to keep in mind is that we can not do technical SEO, so we only have the content: sheet. Once again a vital element for our ecommerce. At this point, doing a keyword search will be fundamental to our organic positioning.

Second, and as we explained at the beginning, the Amazon user enters the platform with the purchase decision already made. That means that your searches are transactional type. Analyzing the search engine’s suggestions can give us clues as to how it works. An example would be:

Type of garment + brand + gender
Type of garment + brand + color
Type of garment + brand + features

From there we can get an idea of ​​how our keywords should be. In relation to this topic there are many tools that can help us to do the keyword research, how they are: SEMRush, Sistrix, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggest or Answer The Public. In future posts we will talk about them.

Optimization of the SEO of the product pages (title, description, etc …)

Now that we have placed ourselves in the context of Amazon and we know the importance of being in the top positions of the ranking, we will start to break down the product profile point by point:

Title: They are very important. As you may have noticed, they are long and very detailed, so we recommend that you use many keywords, but always with common sense.

Description: Another important factor. In this case we recommend writing at least 1,000 characters. In addition, it is also important to use bullets to structure the content (ideally about 5 if possible).

Product information and keywords: It is important to fill in all the fields that Amazon asks us to give you all the information you need.

Photos: Although they help position, it is not a very important ranking factor. However, they are always important for the user so do not skimp on photos as long as they are of quality (1,000 x 1,000)

Product Reviews: Another fundamental point, both to position and attract potential buyers. In the world of ecommerce this is a very relevant aspect and in Amazon it is not less. Ideally, you should have an average of at least 4 stars and more than 15 ratings.

Offers: Similar to the photos, it is not an important factor of the ranking, but they can help us to sell, so we will have more clicks, more sales and, consequently, better ranking.

So far our brief summary of how and why we should do SEO on Amazon. Undoubtedly, the most used marketplace in the world. We hope it helps you climb positions and multiply your sales, because in the end it is about that. In the coming weeks we will delve a little more into the possibilities that the platform offers, so we recommend you follow us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Do not miss it!

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