WEB Analytics

If you have an e-commerce with an online business, you have a lot of data available. Everyone visiting your online store can provide extremely valuable information on their preferences and purchasing behaviour. Our work is to dig deep and find this relevant information to maximise your investment in online marketing strategies.

Most companies are unable to effectively summarise all the data and determine which metrics and KPIs should be used to measure your marketing and sales objectives. At Casals Online, we help e-commerces to be more analytical, providing real time feedback for in-depth analysis of the data.


We understand the importance of exploring beyond the initial Google Analytics control panel and work as follows:

  • We establish the metrics necessary to monitor the improvements linked to your marketing objectives.

  • We measure the impact of the marketing techniques based on pre-determined KPIs.

  • We learn the behavioural patterns of visitors to recommend adjustments to your e-commerce buyer journey.

  • We detect opportunities to streamline the customer experience.

  • We analyse and improve the sales and conversions funnel.

  • We report information and detect trends that can be exploited to maximise results.


As a data centric marketing agency, we are constantly fine-tuning and improving your marketing investment. The benefits of our website analysis service include:

  • Strategic content creation to attract a more targeted audience.

  • Improved e-commerce content based on customer behaviour.

  • Reduction of your e-commerce’s rebound rate.

  • Establish micro-conversion strategies to improve the sales funnel.

  • Optimisation of the conversion rate and improvement of the user experience in your store


Surveying is central to any successful digital marketing strategy. Whether your company is new or if you’ve already made surveying and fine-tuning a habit, Casals Online can help you boost results via detailed analyses and recommendations.

Stop guessing and effectively balance your online marketing strategies. Contact us now and let’s get started.