SEO consultancy

We are SEO specialists with proven know-how and experience, with over 8 years in the sector.

We believe in the analysis phases, before hitting the ground running. Our SEO consultancy work is vital for developing a tailor-made SEO strategy. We want to be part of your team, both in your office and ours.


Here are some of our arguments to highlight that you need a professional SEO strategy if you want to gain visibility and get your e-commerce off the ground:

  • Our methodology can be adapted both for large- and medium-sized enterprises, as we analyse each specific case and implement a tailor-made strategy, irrespective of the size, turnover or number of employees.

  • While our field is technical, we like talking to our customers, explaining what we’re going to do (no weird words) and speaking clearly, because it’s our business, and we want you to know the steps we’re taking at all times.

  • We know you can find SEO information online if you want to, but we know how it works and you don’t. We have an expert, multi-disciplinary professional SEO team, meaning we can offer you one of the best SEO solutions on the market.

  • We want to be highly transparent, and have decided to explain our work system step-by-step so you see how it works and how it can help you in your business:

  • First contact: the initial meeting with the customer helps us to make contact. To meet you (and so you meet us) and so you explain your case and needs. An SEO consultant will answer all your queries and questions, and focus on your specific case to see how we can help you with your positioning strategy.

  • Project study: we now enter a second phase, christened project study. Our professionals now get to work studying the specific features of each case and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your online business to outline the best strategy.

  • Preparation of a strategy and budget: the project starts taking shape. Now is the time to design a strategy tailored to your company. This strategy will be 100%-customised and adapted to your business and its specific features, and can be subsequently reviewed if new needs arise. To avoid any surprises at this stage, we also prepare, alongside the strategy, an economic budget, accounting for all the actions and expenses that may arise therefrom.

  • Submission of the proposal: now is the time to see each other again. Our professionals have worked on your project and will present it so you can see first hand what we’re going to do, and how we’re going to do it. You can ask any questions; we’ll be delighted to answer them. We’ll also explain all the finer points before getting to work.

  • Have an SEO strategy adapted to your business and your specific needs.

  • Improve your search engine optimisation.

  • Increase your website traffic and get more visits and conversions.

  • Improve your business or company’s online visibility.


As you can see, although SEO may seem a highly technical, complex field, its work methodology is not that different to most processes and getting good advice, or having a team of expert consultants, can prevent many problems. If you want, we’re ready to get started!