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For the 2012 Christmas campaign Media Market made another of its revolutionary advertising strategies and campaigns by creating “Black Friday”. The idea was to create a significant sales day, being this the day after the American Thanksgiving.

Thus, the German company created the concept of “Black Friday”: a day dedicated to consumption thanks to the multiple discounts and rebates offered by the bidders. This day has been perpetuated every year since then, to the point of being considered as the day that inaugurates the Christmas campaign.

To this idea was added the concept of “Cyber Monday”, dedicated exclusively to sales in electronic shops.

Black Friday is just around the corner (Friday, November 29). Therefore, from Doodat, we want to give some tips to make Black Friday campaigns as satisfactory as possible.

Essential tips for your e-commerce

Check that your e-commerce is working properly

It would be useless to invest in marketing and advertising for Christmas campaigns if the potential customers captured could not buy the products once they arrived at our e-commerce.

That’s why it’s paramount to make purchase simulations through your own e-commerce to check that no stage of the purchase process is failing. These simulations will give you the security of knowing the possible problems to solve them before starting the Christmas campaign.

Make sure you can handle the increased sales of Black Friday

It is essential to be aware of the resources and capabilities of our e-commerce. And not only that, but we need to know if our e-commerce will be able to cope with the high sales that represents the “Black Friday”: have enough stock for the products promoted or offered, be aware of the ability to cope with the volume of shipments, etc..

Many companies with large volumes of products have already opted to hire a PIM (Product Information Management). All with the purpose of preventing the problems mentioned in the previous paragraph and with the intention of solving in the most efficient way the possible problems that have arisen.

All this without taking into account the fact that a PIM such as Doodat will allow you to publish all or part of the product catalogue in the marketplaces you want. Always with the security of offering quality product sheets as far as SEO refers to your potential customers.

Create and design very well the strategies and campaigns that you will take for that day

Black Friday means a substantial increase in sales for all companies that generate strategies and campaigns during that day. However, the percentage increase in sales will depend on the quality and assertiveness of the strategies and campaigns you generate.

Continuing with this point, we also want to present the types of promotions and offers that a company can generate for that day:


The sweepstakes work are a very good option to get subscribers and to build customer loyalty. With them you can make the advertising of the product you want to promote is the responsibility of the users themselves. That is to say, that they can share in their social networks the desire to win a lottery or buy a product of your company, is the best advertising that can be generated.

Therefore, you only need to generate an attractive draw (it will depend on your generosity and creativity in the draw) to get more than valuable leads.
With Doodat, in addition, you can make all users who wish to register for the draw do so through a custom Landing Page for each product. Landing page generated in just a few minutes that, with the same line of design of your e-commerce, will generate credibility and professionalism to your draw.

Flash Sales

One of the features of Black Friday is impulse buying. That’s why it’s important to attack all the users who know about the ephemerity of the offers in a day like Black Friday. That is, we must raise the offers as available for a very limited time.


Seeing that a product can be purchased for a lower price than it could have been the day before is one of the most influential impacts a customer can receive with intent to purchase.

Discounts based on percentage price reductions are very common. But sometimes it is better not to confuse customers and raise discounts as the specific money they will save.

That is to say, if we have a product valued at 80€ we have two options:

  • Say that you will save 35% of the price
  • Say that you will save 28€ of the price

The result is the same for both options: the product after the discount will be worth 52€. But the way to approach this discount is completely different, and that’s how customers perceive it.

Upselling, Cross-Selling and Bundles

Generating discounts that do not directly affect the price of the product, such as giving away the shipment of the product from a certain price, is usually a very good way to attract potential customers.

But it is also very interesting to consider upselling and cross-selling techniques throughout these dates. Thus we see how offers have become more common through “bundles”: collections of various products at an exclusive price.

Another aspect that Doodat has sought to cover for this type of technique is to generate product cards that show the related products according to the user’s navigations in the sections of the product card.

These are the advices and types of offers that we propose to you so that the e-commerce can face the dates of high purchases and sales as they are the Christmas campaigns.

From Doodat we have created the PIM (Product Information Management) that will allow your e-commerce to sell more than your competition during these important dates.

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