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Improve your users’ experience: Chatbot and Chat Online for your E-commerce

Do you want to improve your users’ experience and your store-client relationship? Today from Casals Online, we present two new tools for your website: the Chatbot and Chat Online. These chats can make users’ experience more comfortable and simple, as well as increase your sales.


What is a Chatbot and a Chat Online?

A Chatbot is a computer program with which it is possible to have a conversation, whether we want to ask for some kind of information or to carry out an action. With a Chatbot in your online store, your customer will receive the information he needs easily at any time so that he can make his orders without problems.

The Chat Online or Live Chat goes a step further, and offers the possibility of a much more personified solution, with a direct and immediate contact with the client. The visitors of a web page hope that there is always someone behind, that is, a person capable of advising you and answering all your questions.

Many of the users that enter your website prefer to use a chat, be it a Chatbot or a Chat Online, to ask anything about your products or services before making a phone call. And in recent years the chat service has become a very effective communication channel with the client.


Advantages of Chatbot and Chat Online

Both chats offer an alternative to the phone and mail. These chats are usually used more impulsively, and therefore, it is a good idea that the chat is automatically deployed when someone enters our website to offer help, although this has to be subtle and smooth, never in an aggressive way.

It can help improve the conversion ratio, as well as increase the chances of getting cross-selling and up-selling during the conversation with the client. You can also reduce the abandonment of the cart through promotions and discounts with the chat.

In addition, you can also save time in after-sales service management by being able to solve problems and requests in real time.

In the case of Chat Online, you can get an analysis in real time of the feelings and intentions of the client, and offer a fully personified attention to the user.


Cliengo: the option that joins Chatbot and ChatOnline

From Casals Online, we recommend Cliengo, the Chatbot that is already being used by more than 5,000 companies. With Cliengo you can incorporate an active chat in your e-commerce 24 hours a day. This one does not require configuration, it is multi-language and totally customizable so that it adapts to the needs of your business.

The main advantage of Cliengo is that you can join at any time to the conversation that your web visitors are having with the chatbot, and attend them on your own.

If you are looking for a way to improve your conversation rate, and get to give a much more personified attention to your customers and users, do not hesitate to add a Chatbot or Chat Online to your e-commerce. At Casals Online, an online marketing agency, we believe that this tool can help improve your online commerce.

We are at the forefront in terms of internet sales. Do not hesitate to contact us and become another of our satisfied customers who use the best and most professional online tools. If you need to optimize your e-commerce to have more sales and customers, you can count on our experience. We are always informed of what is being implemented nationally and globally!

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