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Social Connects 16 in 1 + Coupon for Login + Statistics Module. Prestashop optimization module E-commerces

Do you want to facilitate the registration and / or purchase process of your clients? From Casals Online   we present you the Social Connects 16 in 1 + Coupon for Login + Statistics Module from Prestashop with which you can make the life of your customers much easier.


In previous posts, such as the One Step Checkout Module , we already show you tools to improve the conversions of your business, and improve the user’s experience. This time, we present you another tool developed by Prestashop to improve the results of your online business.


Social Module Connections and Coupon 16 in 1 + Statistics

With this module, we will give the option to our new users to log into our online store through their social network accounts, instead of having to create a new one and fill in all the necessary information again.

The social networks included in the module are: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Paypal, Microsoft Live / Hotmail, Foursquare, Amazon, Github, Disqus, Dropbox, WordPress and Vkontakte. The administrator can choose which ones to use, without limits.


The module also includes statistics of the registered customers for the administrator of the online store. In these, the administrator can view the statistics of registered users through the different social networks specified in the administration panel.


The module allows that when users register to the store through their preferred social network, they are redirected directly to the purchase page, which considerably reduces the number of purchases abandoned.

In addition, the module is compatible with PrestaShop’s official GDPR compliance module, 100% responsive, easy to install and configure and with a friendly interface.


Why give the option to register through social networks? Advantages for users and entrepreneurs

There are many reasons why users prefer to register through social networks, we tell you the main ones.

The first problem with the process of login in is to fill out the long form, which slows down the conversion process. The information in these forms is the same from one site to another, so the process becomes repetitive for the user, and makes him waste his time.


There is also the issue of passwords, if they register with social networks, they will not need to create new passwords, that way users save time, and you will earn conversions and money. What we call a perfect win-win strategy.


In addition, users tend to trust social networks more than online stores. Not having to share a password with online stores minimizes the risk of it being stolen and increases trust.

Finally, when using the connectors with social networks, the data collected is more precious, since less people lie about their personal data on social networks.


So if you want to increase your conversions and save time for your users and customers, do not hesitate to include this module in your e-commerce.

One of the main objectives of an online marketing agency is to optimize your e-commerce. At Casals Online   we work together a team of marketing professionals and computer developers. The advantage of hiring an online marketing agency like ours is that you can dedicate yourself to your business completely, letting all the marketing and operation of the web work professionally. If you have a consolidated e-commerce or if you have a project like that in mind, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we will be more than pleased to talk to you!

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