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Web Push Notifications: the new way of communicating with your users

Increasingly present, Web Push Notifications have appeared to revolutionize the world of instant communication between companies and their users. These notifications have become the main mode of communication for marketing specialists to increase the CTR rate and the sales volume of your e-commerce. Today from Casals Online  we tell you more about them.


What are web push notifications?

Push Web Notifications are small messages sent to a user through their desktop or mobile. These messages are scheduled and personalized, and are for users or subscribers who have explicitly accepted to receive these notifications from the page of the company considered.


Push web notifications are delivered to a user’s desktop or mobile screen at any time they have their browser open, regardless of whether or not the user is on that specific website.


These messages are shorter, direct and objective than emails, and their goal is for users to enter the company’s website through these notifications, thus increasing traffic and knowledge of the web.


Advantages of using Web Push Notifications

The main advantage of this tool is, as we have said before, that it allows to increase the rate of CTR, especially in industries such as e-commerce and gambling or betting. In addition, they can also help you increase the sales of your e-commerce.


Another important advantage of these notifications is that they allow working on all devices: both tablets, mobile phones and desktop devices (unlike the classic notifications that only work through mobile applications).


Web Push Notifications do not require private data, that is, a subscriber does not need to fill in any specific form or download any application to subscribe to this tool. This feature makes web push notifications the easiest way to get followers and readers for our company.


In addition, since the messages are small and visual, notifications are usually read, something that does not always happen with emails.


The user has the option at any time to unsubscribe from the push web notifications of the company, without any commitment.


Recommendations for the creation of web push notifications

The creation of push web messages is very important, and should not be taken lightly. The content of the messages are the key to gain from this tool. In this section, we give you a series of tips when making the content and frequency of these notifications. First of all, we must make it clear that this tool only works when the message information is valued positively for the user. That is, the message that the user receives must be helpful or offer something positive, otherwise they will unsubscribe.


Personalization of messages. The more personalized the messages are, the greater the value we will be offering our subscribers. One way to personalize the message would be to include the name of the user, taking into account their location or their hobbies and style.


Frequency of notifications. Notifications should not be sent in very short periods of time, but we also do not want to be forgotten by our users. We must also make clear that each industry or sector is different, and it will be the needs and tastes of our audience who will mark the ideal frequency for these messages. Equally important is the time at which we send the notification, this has to adapt to the needs and lifestyles of our users. In general, it is recommended to send notifications between six and eight in the evening.


Format and form of the message. The message must be short, clear and understandable  in order to draw attention to the user. The more we call their attention, the more they will visit our website.


We also recommend that you perform tests to see the effectiveness and usability of these notifications in your e-commerce, always remembering that our global objective at all times is to offer value to our audience.


In conclusion, push web notifications are increasingly used in different companies, replacing traditional email. From Casals Online, the online marketing agency of Barcelona, ​​we recommend the use of this tool, and many of our customers already use it. Our agency is at the forefront in terms of tools and modules to optimize your e-commerce. If you want us to help you get the most out of your online business, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than pleased to help you!

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