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EU Cookie Law Complies GDPR Module. Prestashop optimization module E-commerces

Is your online commerce adapted to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union? This week, from Casals Online we present the EU Cookie Law Complies GDPR Module of Prestashop that will help your online store to comply with the new European guidelines.

On May 25, the new General Regulation of Data Protection came into force in the European Union. This regulation affects any company or person responsible for a website in which data from European citizens is collected and stored. This means that not only European companies must comply with this new law but also those that handle information of European citizens.

The objective of the GDPR is to protect the information of the consumers and to improve the control and the privacy of citizens’ personal information. The GDPR also extends the rights of European citizens to decide how they want their data to be treated and how they want to receive their information from companies.

The regulation for e-commerce oblies all companies to include a Privacy Policy on their website, which users must explicitly accept, that explains in detail how they are treating the data they receive, whether from customers, associates, employees or simply people interested in receiving commercial information.

From Prestashop and Casals Online we recommend consulting the readme section “How to comply with the GDPR” of Prestashop to adapt your page to the latest updates of the European Union regulations.

Adapt your online store to the GDPR with Prestashop

The EU Cookie Law Complies GDPR Module of Prestashop allows to show a responsive and personalized banner that deactivates the cookies until obtaining the explicit consent of the user who accesses to your web.
This module is the only one that allows to block the cookies when entering the store, and is updated to fully comply with the Cookies section of the GDPR. It also gives you the option to customize the module to meet 100% with the new requirements of the GDPR (European Union). The Cookies module complies also with the Right of rectification that allows users to delete the cookies installed from the site simply by accessing a URL or even from their own customer profile.

Advantages of the Prestashop EU Cookie Law Complies GDPR Module

The module allows displaying a warning banner to inform users beforehand about the use of cookies and request their consent for them. It also allows blocking modules that use cookies so that they are not installed without the user’s consent. The module only activates these cookies after having obtained the consent. Otherwise, if the user does not want to give their consent, it keeps the cookies deactivated. Once the consent has been given, the banner disappears.
The module offers the user the option to customize the design of the banner: font, text color, and opacity, position, multi-language system…
In addition, the banner is responsive to ensure that it can be displayed correctly on different devices.
The module is compatible with multi-store and allows you to put the same warning banner in each of your stores but the consent is the same for all of them. If you accept cookies for one of your stores, the module will consider that you have accepted the cookies for all (indicate it in the Cookies Policy) and the warning banner will not appear later in your other shops.

At Casals Online we are experts in digital marketing, we have been in the e-commerce sector for 9 years and we can help you add extra value to your online business with the installation of this or other modules in your Prestashop.

Contact with us, we will be more than pleased to help you!

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