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Referral and Affiliation Program Module. Prestashop optimization module E-commerces

Do you want to attract more customers to your online store without increasing advertising expenses? We present you the Module Program of Reference and Affiliates of Prestashop, with which you can promote yourself through your clients.

Referral and Affiliation Program Module

Undoublelty, your customers are your best ambassadors and can allow you to reach new customers with purchase intentions.

This module gives the option of incorporating into your online store a bonus coupons system for your customers and new registrations. The module creates a discount coupon for the sponsor and his referrals (friends), when they register into the web or when they make orders. The sponsor is the person who recommends your products or services. The referrals or friends are the new customers you get thanks to the sponsor’s promotion system.

How does it work? Very easy! The sponsor, from his account, can send invitations to his friends, and when they register or make an order, the sponsor receives a reward. The module has many configurable options that go from the type of reward or discount that the sponsor receives, to the conditions to be a sponsor.

The module offers different ways to invite new users: sending an invitation e-mail, sharing sponsorship links (forums, blogs, Facebook …), through the share button with sponsorship code on the product page, with a sponsor code to enter on the registration form, or by giving the sponsor’s e-mail.

Advantages of the Referral and Affiliation Program Module

The main advantage offered by a Referral and Affiliation Program Moduleis that it entails a low level of work for the company and that it is economic: the effort and work of promoting the store is left for your customers, and it does not require a high initial investment. The program allows you to create a win-win situation between the company and its current and future clients. The module allows you to decide who receives the discount: the sponsor, the friend, or both. In addition, it is a quick and simple system, signing up in an affiliate system is very basic and allows reaching more users.

Options to customize the reward:

With this module, you have full freedom to choose which reward to use (coupons or points) according to your needs, and when to create the discount coupon: at the time of the friend’s registration, in his first order or in each order. There are 3 types of discount coupons: percentage, fixed and % of a friend’s order. You can also set a minimum amount for the referral order to generate the bonus for the sponsor (if the order is less than € 10 (for example) – no bonus will be generated).

With respect to the sponsors, you can choose which group of clients will be given the option to become sponsors. Also, you can establish a minimum number of orders that a customer must make to become a sponsor, as well as a maximum number of invitations.

In addition, to analyze how your e-commerce is progressing, the tool includes complete statistics with detailed information about the sponsors and their friends, so that you can modify the campaign, according to the results obtained.

In addition, the module has full compatibility with Multishop and with the Prestashop loyalty program!

At Casals Online, a marketing agency in Barcelona, we use this Referral and Affiliation Program Module for our campaigns and for those of our clients. From the digital marketing agency Casals Online, we recommend this tool because it opens many possibilities and increases sales: it helps attract more customers to your e-commerce and increase your network of clients in an easy and convenient way!

If you would like to incorporate this module into your e-commerce or have a similar project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us we will be glad to help you!

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