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Have you ever heard about Google Tag Manager? If your answer is no, do not worry, today at Casals Online we are going to enter the world of Google Tag Manager to show you what it is about. We will tell you how it help us implementing and tracking , for example, Google Analytics, Google AdWords conversion pixels, or tracking our online advertising campaigns. Do not miss it!

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tool that helps us and greatly simplifies the management and updating of tags and code fragments of a website. Through this manager, you can add and update custom labels from third parties such as Facebook Ads or other Google tools such as Analytics and AWords without having to access the internal code of the page.

With Google Tag Manager we will be able to correctly monitor our online advertising campaigns since it records any milestone that occurs on our website.

Without Google Tag Manager, in order for Google Analytics to work, we would need to add “by hand” the Analytics tracking code in the internal code of our website, and the same would happen with the Google AdWords or Facebook Ads conversion code. However, with this tool, the process is reduced and simplified since we  will be able to introduce any tracking code that we need by ourselves. In this way, we achieve independence and autonomy towards the computer or web development team. In addition, this tool is completely free.

Google Tag Manager is not difficult to use. In addition, Google itself has a complete guide for those who start using the tool for the first time.

Google Tag Manager Prestashop Premium Module

This module of prestashop allows us to easily and conveniently integrate Google Tag Manager into our e-commerce. That is to say, it allows us and facilitates the perfect integration of the most used labels:

  • Google Universal Analytics with Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Google Adwords Conversion
  • Bing Universal Event Tracking
  • Twitter Universal Web Tag
  • Facebook Pixel

This module includes all the features and elements of the “Premium Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce” module and extends its functions with other tracking platforms such as Microsoft Bing Ads, Facebook and Twitter.

Advantages of this module:

  • Ease of integration Google Tag Manager with your e-commerce.
  • Complete online guide to be able to professionally configure more than 100 elements among Tags, Triggers and Variables.
  • Clean reports. The module allows us to exclude the internal traffic of our employees, collaborators and ours. This way we will be able to generate reports with only the information of real users or clients.
  • Remarketing. The module allows you to create specific audiences to reach potential customers, that is, perform remarketing strategies that work.
  • Tests. Create type A / B testing with a few clicks to test different versions of a page with your clients.
  • Compatible with the One Page Checkout module.

In addition, this module complies with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

At Casals Online, an online marketing agency in Barcelona, we recommend this tool because it helps to facilitate and manage the labels of your website and analyze your traffic.

We are at the forefront in terms of internet sales. Do not hesitate to contact us and become another of our satisfied customers who use the best and most professional online tools. If you need to optimize your e-commerce to have more sales and customers, you can count on our experience. We are always informed of what is being implemented nationally and globally!

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