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Every web page must have a good slider or main banner that is able to draw attention to our users, give them information about our page, and encourage them to make a purchase. Therefore, it is an imprescindible element in which we must carefully work on.

Today from Casals Online, the online marketing agency of Barcelona, ​​we want to show you the importance and benefits that a banner can bring to your web page, as well as present a prestashop module that allows you to add your best banners to your web page. Don’t miss it!


Why does my website need a banner?

As many of you already know, banners are images that appear on a web page (usually in the Home page) to highlight your products, services or important information.

Imagine that you enter a web page for the first time, and it does not have any main banner that tells you what products you can find. It is most likely that you leave the page instantly (if it is not visually pleasing) or that you have to waste your time to find out if this store has what you are looking for. What causes a bewilderment to the user.

On the other hand, imagine now, that you enter a page where there is a main banner where you can find clearly stated the products sold by the firm, also highlighting that in just 24 hours you can have the product in your home.

Clearly, the user experience is superior in the second case, and even in the case that both stores have exactly the same products and conditions, it is high likely that the user finally ends buying in the second one.

As consumers and digital users, we have less time and we want to optimize it to the maximum. That is, we want to find everything quickly and easily, without having to go around too much. Banners are the tool that help us doing exactly that.


Prestashop Module: Ads Banner Images and HTML content

We present a prestashop module to easily incorporate banners into our e-commerce. This module is a highly advanced banner ad sales and administration tool so you can configure and manage your banners in the easiest way.

The module gives you the option to create or delete banners, and even the possibility to enable or disable them. You can choose different images and links for each language.

The banners are controlled through the PrestaShop administration panel.

This professional banner module is also responsive so that banners adapt to all types of devices (tablets, mobile devices and computer).


Other advantages offered by this module:

  • Easy and intuitive installation, and totally customizable.
  • Simple and friendly user interface.
  • You can add text, title and links to your banner.
  • Add different images for each language.
  • Banners optimized for SEO.
  • This module is ready to use with any subject.
  • Compatible with all web browsers.


At Casals Online, we have 9 years of experience in the e-commerce sector and we can help you add extra value to your online business with the installation of this and other modules in your Prestashop.

Our digital marketing agency, Casals Online, is at the forefront in terms of tools and modules for e-commerce. Thanks to our experience and updated information on what is used internationally, you can get the most out of your online store. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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